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The Bachelor of Law programme comprises the teaching essential for a comprehensive basic legal education. The highly varied courses, complemented by an array of practical exercises, range from Private Law and Public Law to Social Law and Criminal Science.

The first semesters are primarily aimed at giving students a taste for legal work, and sparking their interest in the subject matter. The basics of the law, the history of law, the legal system and legal terminology are all covered. Students then gradually learn how to master legal sources and put them into practice, approaching and resolving legal problems topic by topic. 

As writing skills are vital for any legal practitioner, the study programme also requires the drafting and writing of two fifteen-page dissertations. These help students to understand research methodology and to develop their legal writing skills.

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The teaching at the Faculty of Law aims not only to provide knowledge, but also the skills needed for its application. The resulting study programme is expressly focused on practice, thoroughly preparing students for their professional careers.

The learning environment is a top priority at Neuchâtel. This commitment is nowhere more apparent than in the approachability of the teaching staff. More often than not, the emphasis is on working in small groups, ideal for the acquisition of new skills and individual progress.

Programme structure

The Bachelor of Law programme, which typically covers six semesters, offers a wide variety of courses.

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Le décanat a décidé de mettre en place un système de mentorat afin d’encadrer les étudiant-e-s en début de cursus de Bachelor. Les mentors - des étudiant-e-s plus avancé-e-s - , sont les référent-e-s qui répondent aux questions des étudiant-e-s débutant-e-s ou les conseillent dans l’organisation de leur travail ou pour la préparation de leurs examens.

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Bachelor of Law


180 ECTS, 6 semesters

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