Why choose Neuchâtel

Why choose Law?

Because studying Law can lead to a host of different careers

Studying Law gives you the tools to succeed in many different professional pathways. It gives you not only knowledge of the law, but also a method and framework of reasoning which will stand you in good stead beyond the common legal professions of lawyer, notary or judge.

Because Law graduates have excellent career prospects

Your chances of finding work soon after graduation are very high, with 76.6% of graduates with a Master’s degree in Law gaining employment within twelve months of graduation (according to a 2013 study by the Federal Statistics Office). These bright prospects are in part due to the large number of professions to which Law can lead. Besides the traditional legal professions, graduates in Law are highly sought after in the civil service, politics, diplomacy, international organizations, private companies, social profit associations, among others. Earning potential is equally promising, the legal professions being among the best remunerated (based on a 2013 study by the Federal Statistics Office).

Why Neuchâtel?

Because our Faculty provides the highest standard of education

A recent survey of our Bachelor’s programme shows that our students place great emphasis on the comprehensive approach we take. Our Bachelor’s degree offers courses unavailable in other faculties at Bachelor’s level, such as intellectual property, fiscal law and civil procedure. At Master’s level, our Faculty has successfully taught niche subjects such as Health and Biotechnology law, Sports Law, and Innovation and SME law. The modular structure of our Master’s programme allows students to tailor their profile, greatly improving their professional prospects.

Because our Faculty has the right balance of student numbers

With around 390 Bachelor’s students and 320 Master’s students, we maintain the ideal size to guarantee you easy access to a range of facilities (spacious lecture rooms, study areas in the library, and so on). The lecture rooms provide a convivial environment in which each student can participate in classes and seminars, and exchange ideas and information.

Because our Faculty boasts one of the best student/teacher ratios in Europe

In terms of the Bachelor’s degree, the ratio is 18 students to one professor; at Master’s level, it is 28:1. This excludes other members of the teaching staff (chargés de cours and chargés d’enseignement) and the corps intermédiaire (maître-assistants and assistants), who are also there to facilitate your studies. This excellent ratio ensures direct access to professors, personal attention and individual support.

Because our Faculty can claim a high satisfaction rate

A recent survey of our Bachelor’s programme shows that 97% of the students would recommend it to future students. The most frequently mentioned strengths in the survey were the comprehensive tuition, the student/teacher ratio and the ready access to professors.

Because our Faculty is open to the world

Numerous international agreements allow our students to satisfy their intellectual curiosity by taking part in exchange programmes at other universities, in Switzerland and beyond. In particular, they can avail themselves of a double Master’s degree which we provide with the prestigious King's College London, and the Common Bilingual Master’s degree with the University of Lucerne. The most gifted can also study for one semester at the Columbia Law School in New York, one of the finest universities in the USA.

Because Neuchâtel offers a beautiful yet affordable setting for your studies

Our Faculty is only a few minutes from the lake, the town centre and the station, and is therefore ideally placed to offer all the benefits of a small lakeside city. The Neuchâtel mountains, the perfect backdrop for sports and relaxation, are only a stone’s throw away. Unlike other Swiss cities, the cost of living in Neuchâtel is comparatively low, even on a student’s budget — especially in terms of rent.