The Faculty

The Faculty of Law of the University of Neuchâtel is known for its excellent tuition and the quality of its teaching methods.
The keys to its success are:

  • one of the best student/teacher ratios in Europe
  • its highly qualified teaching staff
  • its various pedagogical approaches
  • the regular participation of external experts in classes and seminars

The Faculty of Law is very active in the field of legal research. It comprises several institutes and study centers of international repute. Neuchâtel excels in various legal areas. Among these are: Sports Law, in collaboration with the Centre International d'Etude du Sport (CIES), of which the Fédération internationale de football association (FIFA) is a founding member; Health Law through the research, conferences and training provided by the Health Law Institute (Institut du droit de la santé, or IDS); and Tenancy Law, as seen in the publications and symposia organized by the Tenancy Law Seminar.