Ffirst-year BA students of the Faculty of Law

For first-year BA students of the Faculty of Law who are taking the course ‘terminologie juridique allemande’:

Minimum number of meetings : 6 x 60 minutes

Please note that you need to send the certificate to the teacher of the course ‘terminologie juridique allemande’ at the latest on the first day of the exam session.

The following conditions must be met:

  • Regular meetings of at least 60 minutes during 1 semester
  • Transmission of required information (see below).

Send an email to secretariat.cdl@unine.ch with the following information:

  1. Name and email address of your tandem partner;
  2. List of encounters (dates, brief description of content);
  3. Sending an A4 document containing a short report (150 to 250 words) of your experience with the TANDEM method in the language of learning (can be prepared with your partner).

We will check this information with your partner and send you the certificate by email.