Teaching assistance

BSc Biology & BSc Biology/Ethnology

3BL1118 - TP éthologie

This block course is taught by the UniNE funded PhD students over 5 weeks in May. 


3BL1058 - Analyses multivariées + Exercices

This course is taught by Dr. Radu Slobodeanu and volunteer PhD students.


3BL1181 Cognition comparée (APP)

In this block course, we offer a two-week trip to the Budongo Conservation Field Station (Uganda) where students can develop their own research project on chimpanzees or other primate species (either first two weeks in January or in May). 


MSc Biology & MSc Cognitive Science

3BL2184 Master Thesis 

PhD students of the comparative cognition lab are encouraged to supervise MSc projects.

Contact our team if you would like to conduct a research project for your Master Thesis at the Budongo Conservation Field Station (Uganda), the Taï Monkey Project (Ivory Coast) or the Basel Zoo

NB: research projects with fielwork (e.g., Uganda, Ivory Coast) need time to be planned so please contact us a few months before starting your Master Thesis.