Giada Studer

Research interests

The conflict between humans and predators has been present since the earliest times resulting in both ancestral fascination and contempt for these animals. Switzerland as well has a difficult past with predators. The big three were all exterminated by humans in the early 1900s. The lynx was reintroduced 70 years later, while the bear is still absent in our regions. As for the wolf, it naturally reappeared a century later, reviving feuds with farmers.

My Master project consists in testing a non-lethal deterrence method for wolves through chemical scent signals. I aim to extract specific substances from wild wolf scats that can be used as foreign scent markers to create fictitious wolf communities around areas that require protection. This technique aims to deter existing wolf packs from entering these "already occupied" territories. To test the efficacy of the isolated substances as repellents, I will conduct experiments with captive wolves in several Swiss zoos.