Inkawu Vervet Project

The site is located in Mawana Game Reserve, near Swart Mfolozi in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, on a 12,000h private ranch where multiple groups of fully habituated vervet monkeys have been studied for several years. The project is operated by Prof Erica van de Waal (Director of IVP) & Dr. Erik Willems, as part of research collaboration between Professors Redouan Bshary & Klaus Zuberbühler (University of Neuchâtel), Carel van Schaik & Michael Krützen (University of Zurich) and Erica van de Waal (University of Lausanne).


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Field Course in South Africa


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Inkawu Vervet Project
P.O. Box 84, Swart Mfolozi
3115 South Africa
Tel: 0027 826 71 16 91 (Erica)






ProfErica van de Waal 
Université de Neuchâtel
Université de Lausanne



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