The Institute of English Studies offers BA and MA courses, and it participates in the CUSO Doctoral Program . Individuals interested in carrying out doctoral work in view of obtaining a Ph.D. in English or American Literature from the University of Neuchâtel should contact one of the professors.

Our curriculum is extremely comprehensive, covering four areas of study:

Practical Language aims to consolidate and develop proficiency in understanding and using English, and helps prepare students to teach English as a foreign language.

Medieval English offers philological background in Old and Middle English as well an introduction to the rich body of literature extending from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 15th century.

English Linguistics introduces fundamental concepts in linguistics, or the scientific study of language, provides an overview of the field, then allows students to focus on more specialized areas, such as Sociolinguistics, Morphology, Pragmatics, or Historical Linguistics.  

English Literature acquaints students with representative works in English from the 16th to the 20th century, and develops methods of critical interpretation as well as an appreciation and enjoyment of literature. The approach to literature at Neuchâtel is largely, but not exclusively, historical, and focuses primarily on British and American writing.