PhD in Social Work

  • One of a kind programme in Switzerland
  • Open to students with a master degree in Social Work from a Swiss university of Applied Sciences or a master degree in Social Sciences, Law or Economics from a Swiss university

Information session - PhD Programme in Social Work

Thursday March 21st, 12h-14h

  • Rue A.-L. Breguet 2, room 2.310
  • Hybrid
  • Information and registration : click here

Information session - PhD Programme in Social Work

Thursday 30 November 2023

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In partnership with the Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts (HES) this programme: 

  • Contributes to the interdisciplinary study of social problems, their developments and dynamics. 
  • Focuses on affected individuals, families, groups and communities and provides knowledge about their experiences, their constructions of meaning and their ways of dealing with disadvantage and exclusion. 
  • Engages in analysis and reflection on social action and creates - through evaluation and systematic intervention research - a scientific basis for evidence-based professional intervention and the development and innovation of social work offerings. 
  • Produces knowledge about social work organisations and contextualises them within the landscape of available services and in relation to the social security system. 

Cohort 2023-2024


Cohort 2022-2023


Registration as doctoral candidate in Social Work


  1. The doctoral candidate contacts ITTS management (Prof. Barbara Waldis) and sends his/her master's transcripts, his/her experience (courses, teaching, research projects, etc.) to be used for possible equivalences for 30 ECTS, a description of the thesis topic (one page maximum) as well as a potential indication of the choice of two thesis co-directors (UniNE + HES).
  2. He/she obtains a letter from the thesis co-directors confirming that they agree to supervise the thesis.
  3. The doctoral candidate sends to the Registration Office (Bureau des immatriculations) his/her registration file with the requested documents as mentioned on the page Registration and Conditions → Doctorate.
  4. The doctoral candidate commits to signing the doctoral charter with both thesis co-directors. A copy is sent to ITTS management.
  5. A pedagogical contract is established after discussion with ITTS management. The parties signing the contract are: the dean of the FSE, ITTS management and both thesis co-directors. This pedagogical contract is signed no later than September 1st.