Academic tools

UNINE_informatique.jpg (Network connection plug RJ-45)

Academia: IS-Academia, Moodle, Pidex, Pidho, C-Academia, Pidhox.

IS-Academia: platform which enables you to manage your studies on your own (register for courses and exams, monitor your grades, print your certificates).
Link to the presentation of IS-Academia for the students (in French).

Course descriptions: you will find in the course descriptions any information about the courses (objectives, contents, requirements, evaluations...)

Moodle: platform through which you can access the various documents concerning your courses and exercises. You must register for every new course at the beginning of each semester. Please note that Moodle does not correspond to an official registration for the courses! 

Pidex: portal to consult your exam schedules and rooms.

Pidho: portal to consult your course schedules.

Pidhox: app to see the your course and exam schedules (Apple / Android).

Webmail: your university mailbox. Each UniNE student has an email address «» to consult on a regular basis. It is the mailbox in which you will receive the information from the administration or the teachers throughout the year.