Institute of Economic Research


Created in 1985, the Institute of Economic Research at Neuchâtel (IRENE) is the competence center for research and education in economics at the University of Neuchâtel.

The Institute offers several options for students (Bachelor in Economics, Master in Applied Economics, PhD in Economics, and a continuing education diploma in Economics and Public Finance), carries out applied research in economics, and offers services to the community in the form of projects mandated by national and international organisations.

From 1 August the director is Professor Bruno Lanz.

Summer Break


The secretariat is closed from 19 July till 11 August 2024

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Recent publications

  • Nathan Delacrétaz, Bruno Lanz, Amir H. Delju, Etienne Piguet  & Martine Rebetez

Journal Population and Environment: "Impacts of rainfall shocks on out-migration are moderated more by capita income than by agricultural output in Türkiye"


  • Bruno Lanz, Serhiy Kandul & Evert Reins

Games and Economic Behavior: "Reciprocity and gift exchange in markets for credence goods"