Career Prospects

Experience has shown that the career prospects for the graduates of the Master Programme are excellent.

The programme equips students with the knowledge and skills that will help them to develop challenging and satisfying careers, whether they are interested in working in

  • family businesses,
  • small or medium sized enterprises,
  • large companies,
  • multinationals,
  • NGOs, or
  • International Organisations.

The response of companies and organisations to students entering the job market after completing the Master is very positive, indeed.

A significant percentage of students are offered a job by the company in which they complete their internship – a testament to the fact that the programme is meeting their needs. Others join many of the top companies in Switzerland or elsewhere – this non exaustive list gives a flavour of the type of companies – or return to their country of origin to resume their career.

Below you can see the sectors in which our students found a job:



The secret of our success? A pedagogical approach based on experience which leads to true results.

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