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● Objectives

This master is designed to provide advanced knowledge in the field of international management for large organizations or SMEs. The teaching is oriented as much towards the professional world and the functions of manager as towards the development of theoretical and methodological capacities.

● Acquired skills

The MScIBD courses have the particularity of meeting the specific needs of companies (multinationals or SMEs) and international organizations. They develop both targeted academic knowledge and practical skills and other specialized skills acquired during group work (e.g., critical analysis and synthesis, problem solving, communication and autonomy). An internship in a company or organization in Switzerland or abroad can be integrated into the curriculum at the end of the program, which offers the advantage of being in contact with the business world early on.

● Career opportunities

Given the universal need for international business managers, the many opportunities available upon completion of this program include corporations, large organizations, NGOs and other international organizations, as well as various institutions working with or for businesses. The potential job market extends to both developed and emerging/developing countries. Taking courses in English and completing an internship expands the employment opportunities.


Programme benefits


  • International program both in terms of content and cultural diversity of the class
  • English program with the possibility to take elective courses in French
  • Rigorous training focused on putting knowledge into practice, in line with the needs of the economy
  • Interactive and innovative pedagogy based on group work, case studies, simulations and projects in companies
  • Learning experiences designed to include individual reflection and personal commitment
  • High level of student supervision with personalized mentoring program
  • Flexibility in the duration of studies, from 1 year intensive to 3 years for people in employment
  • Possibility to start the cursus in the fall or spring semester
  • Access to a vast network of companies thanks to the regular interventions in class of professional experts and dedicated events
  • Recognized skills of teachers

Soft skills

Soft skills

The small size of our classes and the pedagogical approached of this programme promote continuous learning and the development of personal and social skills, including:

  • self-management
  • solving complex problems
  • critical and lateral thinking, collaborative work
  • project management
  • taking responsibility
  • leadership
  • emotional intelligence
  • creativity
  • effective communication

Head of the programme

Administrative assistant

Information sheet

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