Program / Admission

The Master Program lasts two years (120 ECTS). During the first year, students follow courses organised in modules and participate in two field camps. In the second year, students have courses in the first semester, and then devote themselves to the Master's thesis.

Students can choose from a wide range of topics focusing on applied problems or fundamental research questions to complete their master's thesis. Most thesis topics have a strong field application orientation. Theses on applied issues are often conducted in collaboration with private companies or public administration through CHYN's extensive contact network. It is also possible to carry out thesis work abroad in collaboration with partner universities and research institutions.

Theoretical courses include groundwater behavior in different geological formations, heat/solute transport processes in geothermal energy, hydrochemical and microbiological processes, and rock mechanics. The courses also cover technical, field and laboratory methods, means of exploitation, forecasting and characterization of systems through modelling and simulation of processes, as well as management of water and geothermal resources in different contexts (environment, polluted sites, urban planning, countries in arid environments, humanitarian).

Enrollment requirements

The Master program is addressed at students with a Bachelor in geology or other bachelor programs as long as they cover the topics of geology, mathematics and chemistry. Students from related fields are admitted if they have shown an excellent performance during their Bachelor studies and may be required to follow complementary courses. Students are accepted by the program direction based on an application dossier to be submitted to the University registration office.

CHYN Student association

Meeting days with professionals, ski weekends, outings and useful links for the Master's work.


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