Academic vocabulary - Flexi-course

Practical information

  • Teacher:          Sara Cotelli
  • Level:              B2-C1
  • Classroom:     TBA
  • Address:         ILCF, Faubourg de l'Hôpital 61
  • Time:               Monday 12:15pm - 1pm   
  • Dates:              From 23 September to 16 December 2023
  • Credits:           2 or 3 ECTS
  • Price:               Students/doctoral students UniNE, PATB : CHF 126.-
                             Academic Staff UniNE : CHF 168.-
                             SAN members, Alumni, CHF 188.-
                             Students other institutions (EPFL, HE-Arc, etc.) : CHF 188.-
                             Staff other institutions : CHF 202.-

Students who would like to become more confident in using English for their studies, with an emphasis on academic vocabulary.

There are no special entry requirements. The course is aimed at students whose proficiency level is around B1+. If you are not sure of your level, you can check the evaluation forms on our page “Enseignement.” 

You will be asked to come to the EMA before the beginning of the semester to take a "Placement Test".

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • use appropriately the words form some of the sublists of the Academic Word List.
  • independently determine and learn the main vocabulary specific to their field of study
  • understand idiomaticity, register and collocations.
  • use accurate language in the right context: oral vs written language.

Each session covers a different topic and students will have to work individually, in pairs or take part in whole-class activities. The course focuses on vocabulary and we will learn this vocabulary in context. Students will be asked to do some work at home (read texts, listen to short conferences or videos and learn vocabulary). As this is a flexi-course, students will be required to do 10 hours of self-study at the Espace Multimédia d’Auto-apprentissage (EMA). For those students who need to get ECTS 3, attendance to the English tutorial for 10 extra hours will be required.

To receive 2 ECTS credits, participants will be required to :

  • do at least 10 hours of individual work in the Espace Multimédia d’Auto-apprentissage (E.M.A.) during the semester.

To receive 3 ECTS credits (for FLSH only, see conditions), participants will be required to :

  • do at least 10 hours of individual work at the Espace Multimédia d’Auto-apprentissage (E.M.A.) during the semester;
  • take part in 10 hours of English Tutorials at the Espace Multimédia d’Auto-apprentissage (E.M.A.).

Any request for a possible recognition of these credits in the student's main course of study is the student's responsibility.

The course material will be provided for by the teacher. Students are asked to pay a small fee (CHF 5.-) to cover the cost of photocopies.


Registration will be open from
2 to 27 September 2024

English Tutorial

English tutorials are held 4 hours/week during the semester