Espace Multimédia d'Auto-apprentissage (E.M.A.)

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If you wish to borrow books, please place your order on https://swisscovery.slsp.ch/discovery/search?vid=41SLSP_NETWORK:VU1_UNION&lang=frSwisscovery or visit our office during business hours.

What is the E.M.A.?

Set in a spacious room in the main building (1er-Mars 26), the E.M.A. was created to support learner’s autonomy, alone and in small groups (tandem programmes and workshops) and provide everyone with practical information about second language learning.

You’ll find at the E.M.A. a large choice of resources to learn English, German, Swiss German, Spanish and Italian: books, CD-ROMs, DVDs, CDs, novels. Everyone is welcome and will be advised about the best material suited to their needs. Every linguistic competence is covered: speaking, listening, reading, writing, as well as grammar, spelling, pronunciation. For all languages we offer training from beginner to advanced.

As from now, novels, bilingual books and audio-books can be borrowed via Swisscovery.

Monolingual and bilingual tandems are welcome in our lounge area. Even if the partners in a tandem work well together, it is not always easy to find topics to discuss or activities to do together in a language or the other. The E.M.A. provides games and didactic material in different media to help spice up your rendezvous, as well as dictionaries (on paper and iPad).

Finally, you’ll find advice to guide you in second language learning, either during the tutorials for specific languages or taking part in the workshops organised by the LC.

Why should I go there?


  • Because I want to improve my linguistic knowledge of English, German, Swiss German, Spanish or Italian;
  • Because I’m registered in a language class and I need more exercises and practice ;
  • Because my partner and I need a welcoming space for our bilingual/monolingual tandem;
  • Because I’m looking for books and material to learn English, German, Swiss German, Spanish and Italian.

For a tutorial…

  • Because I have a precise question to ask about grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary in German, Spanish or English ;
  • Because I want to train my speaking and pronunciation in German, Spanish or English.

What can I find there?

You’ll find at the E.M.A. a large choice of material and resources to learn German, Spanish, Italian and English. The collection includes:

  • intensive or comprehensive textbooks for self-study (beginner to proficiency);
  • grammar books with theory and exercises (beginner to proficiency);
  • materials for general and specialised (law, natural sciences, etc.) vocabulary with theory and exercises (beginner to proficiency);
  • materials for speaking and writing (beginner to proficiency);
  • materials and exercises for pronunciation;
  • exam preparation materials (mostly level B1-C1)
  • dictionaries and reference books (in books and on iPad);
  • audio books: text and CD, level A2-C1 to practice listening and reading;
  • bilingual books to practice reading;
  • novels
  • DVDs in the original language (with subtitles in the original language and/or in French) to practice listening and to get used to different accents.
  • board games and other activities to practice oral and written communication;
  • didactic materials for teachers of foreign languages.

To borrow !

Vous trouverez des romans en anglais, allemand, espagnol et italien à emprunter !

Consultez notre répertoire ICI
ou sur Swisscovery

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