Annual PhD students meeting 2018 - Intellectual Property: from academia to industry

6 September 2018

Organizers: Fabio Palmieri, Isha Jamil and Mélisande Aellen

Flyer (PDF)




The names of the winners of the poster and oral presentation competition!

Oral presentation 1st prize:

  • Charlyne Jaccard, University of Neuchatel, “The consequences of plant domestication for resistance against insects”

Oral presentation 2nd prize:

  • Iga Tomczynska, University of Fribourg,  “Characterization of interaction between Phytophthora RxLR effectors and host plant targets”

Poster 1st prizes (ex aequo):

  • Aislinn Estoppey, University of Neuchatel, “Oxalotrophy as a biocontrol strategy”
  • Maria Litto, University of Fribourg, “Differential response to novel conditions: a potential biological control agent as model system”


The theme of this meeting is Intellectual Property: from academia to industry

We have invited experts from academy and industry that deal with intellectual property issues in order to put together these two point of views that could seem opposite. We will first have a general introduction on IP by Daniel Kraus (Law Faculty, UniNE), then the application of IP to academia by Claudia Nash (TechTransfer Office, UniNE) and finally the application of IP to industry/company by Lucien Rufener and Jean-Luc Perret (INVENesis).

This meeting is a great opportunity to learn about the research of and to socialize with your peers within the program.

Content and speakers

  • Prof Sergio Rasmann, director of the Doctoral Program, University of Neuchâtel
  • Dr Jean-Luc Perret & Dr Lucien Rufener, INVENesis, Neuchâtel
  • Prof Daniel Kraus, Faculty of Law, University of Neuchâtel
  • Dr Claudia Nash, Research and Innovation, University of Neuchâtel

ALL new Ph.D. students (or first time participants!) have to present their project with a poster.

Poster abstracts have to be uploaded before 23 August (deadline). Please use the abstract template that you can download HERE and upload your abstract to the Google Form.

Do you want to be considered for a short talk (both with or without poster presentation)? Mention it while uploading your abstract on the Google Form.

This years’ meeting will comprise:

  • opening talk by the director of the doctoral program Professor Sergio Rasmann
  • talk sections by PhD students
  • poster presentations
  • talks by external invited speakers
  • lunch
  • and finally an "Apèro"! For this, participants are cordially invited to bring something to share :)

Final program (PDF)

The book of abstracts is now available for download: BookOfAbstract (PDF)

General information

Date : 6 September 2018

Schedule : 9:15 - 18:00

Venue: University of Neuchâtel, Faculté des sciences, Institut de chimie, Avenue de Bellevaux 51, building G, Petit auditoire de chimie (GPA), basement/sous-sol

ECTS : 0.5 with poster or oral presentation (Scientific activities) - Only if it is your first time presenting at this event.

Evaluation : Full attendance and active participation

Information : Please contact the organizers or the doctoral program coordinator Dr Sara Santi

Registration fee : Free for PhD students members of the Interuniversity doctoral program in Organismal biology, lunch and coffee breaks are offered; CHF 15 for other participants (including lunch and coffee break).

Travel expenses : For participants of the Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology (DP-biol ): see reimbursement conditions

Make sure you sign the presence list upon arrival!


  • The annual meeting is highly recommended to all the participants of the doctoral program (it is free!).
    For organisational matters, registration is mandatory.
    It is open to external participants (registration fee CHF 15 to be paid at the registration desk - including lunch and coffee break)


  • PhD students that have/would like to present a poster/talk are invited to submit the title and abstract (using the template) through the Google Form before 23 August.
  • Attendance only: please fill in the Google Form before 23 August (mandatory for organisational matters).

Registration: through the web only: closed

Please note the cancellation policy (CHF 20).

If relevant, registration fee must be paid in cash at the registration desk on the first day.