Download forms and expenses reimbursement

Download forms

ONLY for participants of the Doctoral School in Life Sciences

NOTE:  tickets must be pasted on a A4 page (no staples please, as the documents have to be scanned!). Please send your reimbursement form within a month after the end of the course.

Please send your request form not later than 6 months after the end of the course.


Travel & accommodation expenses reimbursement

Please read the following information carefully!

  • Who is eligible?

    ONLY PhD students enrolled in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Organismal Biology are eligible for the reimbursement of incurred travel and accommodation expenses for attending a course or a workshop.

  • Is this course reimbursed?

    ONLY travel and accommodation expenses incurred for attending activities organized or co-organized by our doctoral program are reimbursed. Exceptions are specified on the individual web page of an activity if applicable.

    Make sure that you sign the attendance list each and every day of the course / workshop.

    NO expenses reimbursement in case of absence or partial absence.

  • Travel reimbursement: public transport only

    Half-fare and 2nd class train tickets from your home university to the University of Neuchâtel (or other course location as specified on the individual web page of the course), both ways, and eventual bus/tramway tickets upon arrival (also half-fare, 2nd class). You may then take a City Ticket.

    If you have an AG/GA (abonnement general) we can still reimburse you the equivalent price of 2sd class, half-fare tickets. Please fill up the reimbursement form and provide a photocopy of your AG showing the validity dates.

    NO reimbursement for taxi or car travel expenses will be paid.


    When coming to the University of Neuchâtel: please note that the UniMAIL building (Faculty of Sciences building) is only 15minutes walk from the train station (please see the map here). Otherwise, you may take the bus number 107 from the train station to the bus stop "Portes-Rouges".

  • Accommodation reimbursement

    ONLY when the place of the activity is more than one-hour journey from your home place AND when asking the doctoral program coordinator BEFORE making any booking.

    You can get reimbursed maximum up to 90 CHF per night over presentation of the original invoice.

    Please ALWAYS contact the coordinator of the doctoral program BEFORE making any booking, to seek an agreement and receive instructions.

  • How can I be reimbursed?

    After the course, please fill in the form in the download forms section and send it to the program coordinator with the original tickets. On the reimbursement form, you don’t need to sign, it is the program coordinator who has to approve and sign it.


    If you got your train tickets on paper (for example when buying it at a vending machine), these are your original tickets, so please do not lose them! In such case, please print your reimbursement form and bring everything to the program coordinator (office D313, UniMAIL). Tickets must be pasted on a A4 page (no staples please, as the documents have to be scanned!).


    If you got your train tickets online (for example with the SBB app), then the PDF tickets are your original tickets. In such case, please send your reimbursement form and PDF tickets by email (organismal.biology@unine.ch).


    In any case, please send your reimbursement form ASAP after the course, or maximum within one month.