An introduction to R - in coll. with CUSO

29 August - 1 September

Venue: University of Lausanne

Course in collaboration with the CUSO Doctoral Programs in Ecology & Evolution, StarOmics, Molecular Plant Sciences & Microbiology


Prof. Jérôme Goudet , University of Lausanne

Objectives and Content

The open source software R (http://www.r-project.org) has revolutionized the statistical data analysis for most bioscience disciplines.The required time to learn the R software is well invested, since the R environment covers an unmatched spectrum of statistical tools including an efficient programming language for automating time-consuming analysis routines. Due to its popularity, R is continuously updated and extended with the latest analysis tools that are available in the different research fields. The R environment is completely free and runs on all common operating systems.

This course provides an elementary-level introduction into the R environment covering the following topics:

(1) Command syntax, basic functions,

(2) Data import/export and data types,

(3) Using R for data mining and statistical analysis,

(4) Introduction to programming in S,

(5) Graphical display,

(6) Usage of R packages and libraries

The attendees will practice their newly learned skills using exercises on the computer.

Participants could also bring their own data sets for a first exploratory round.

General information

Date:   29 August - 1 September 2017 (4 days)

Schedule: 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:30 (see CUSO Ecology & Evolution web site)

Location: University of Lausanne, room to be announced

ECTS: 2.0  (Research tools)

Evaluation: Full attendance and active participation

Information: Please contact  the CUSO doctoral program coordinator Caroline Betto-Colliard (ecologie-evolution @ cuso.ch) Phone: 021 692 42 44

  • Please bring your laptop to the course!

Registration fee : Free for PhD students of DP-biol and for participants belonging to a CUSO University (UniBE, UniFR, UniGE, UniL & UniNE)

Meals : The DP-biol doctoral program in Organismal biology does not reimburse meals

Travel expenses: For participants of the DP-biol doctoral program in Organismal biology, the train (2nd class, half-ticket) from home University to University of  Lausanne (with city ticket) will be reimbursed (see also more information )


Priority is given to PhD students of the Doctoral Programs EE, Microbiol, MPS, StarOmics, and DP-biol until 15 July 2017. After this deadline, first-come, first-served!

Limited number of participants: 30

Online registration on the CUSO doctoral program Ecology and Evolution web site closed

Deadline: 15 July 2017