Protistology - taxonomy workshop and symposium - a CUSO workshop

23 February 2016

A CUSO Doctoral Program in Microbial Sciences workshop.

A pre-congress taxonomic workshop of DGP 2016, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Protozoologie 35th meeting – Switzerland 2016

Venue: Hotel Cristal, Saignelégier, Jura, Switzerland

Organisers: Edward Mitchell, Enrique Lara & Isabelle Koenig (University of Neuchâtel)


To observe different amoeboid protists (alive and fixed specimens), learn the basic methods for their isolation and culture, the identification criteria and taxonomy


  • Dr. Ralf Meisterfeld, Aachen, Germany
  • Dr. Ferry J. Siemensma, Kortenhoef, The Netherlands


Identification of different groups of protists, focusing especially on amoeboid protists but also other taxa.

Students will work in groups of two and observe and identify different protists.

Students are welcome to bring their own samples, permanent microscope slides or images.

Please inform the organisers if you plan to bring material and if you have any specific questions (e.g. habitat, taxonomic group) so that we can help you most efficiently.

General information

Venue: Hotel Cristal, Centre de loisirs, Saignelégier, Jura

Date: 23 February 2016

Schedule: see program

ECTS: 0.5 (Research tools)

Evaluation: Full attendance and active participation

Information: Please contact Isabelle Koenig (organiser, University of Neuchâtel)

Registration fee: none

Travel expenses: For participants of the Interuniversity doctoral program in Organismal Biology (DP-biol ) who are not participant of the CUSO doctoral program in Microbial Sciences: reimbursement of travel expenses from home University to Saignelégier (see reimbursement conditions)

MAKE SURE you SIGN the ATTENDANCE LIST EACH and EVERY DAY and TAKE your ATTESTATION of ATTENDANCE at the END of the COURSE (no attestation will be sent by mail)


  • This course is open to all, however priority is given to "Interuniversity doctoral program in Organismal Biology"  and CUSO doctoral program in Microbial Sciences participants
  • Maximum number of participants: 20

Registration through the CUSO doctoral program in Microbial Sciences web site

Deadline: 15 January 2016