Field course in environmental microbiology - a joint activity with CUSO

13-18 July 2014

A joint symposium with CUSO Doctoral Program in Microbial sciences .

Organizers: Pilar Junier (University of Neuchâtel) and Mauro Tonolla (University of Geneva)

Objectives and content

Experimental work is not the only skill that students in the field of microbiology should develop during their academic training. For many fields, including microbial ecology or geomicrobiology, a thorough training in fieldwork is also required.

Therefore, this 5-day activity aims at offering the students this required training by combining field activities with the development of a practical project that can be accomplished in the field.

This will be complemented by presentations and discussion (by the students and participants) related to topics linked to the environment under study (Lake Cadgano).

Provisory program (updated 18.3.2014)


Prof. Pilar Junier , University of Neuchâtel

Prof. Jakob Pernthaler , University of Zurich

Prof. Xavier Perret , University of Geneva

Dr. Frank Schreiber , ETH Zürich and EAWAG

Prof. Mauro Tonolla , University of Geneva and ; Dipartimento della sanità e della socialità, Ticino

Prof. Jakob Zopfi , University of Basel


General information

Dates :  13-18 July 2014

Location : Canton of Ticino, Val Piora, Capanna Cadagno, (1960 meter)

ECTS : 2.0 (Research tools activity)

Evaluation : Full attendance and active participation

Information : Please contact the scientific organizer Pilar Junier

Registration fee : CHF 300

  • free for PhD students enrolled at the CUSO doctoral program in Microbial sciences and Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology.
  • for all other participants CHF 300

Included: 5 nights, from Sunday 14 July afternoon to Sunday 18 July afternoon, shared rooms, full board; mandatory: participation to cooking and cleaning

Not included: travel to Lake Cadagno (exceptions see below)

Travel expenses : participants at the CUSO doctoral program in Microbial sciences and Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train + bus (half-fare card, and 2nd class) from home University to Capanna Cadagno.

  • For  CUSO doctoral program in Microbial sciences participants: see information on the web site.
  • For Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology participants who are not member of the CUSO doctoral program in Microbial sciences. Please send the original tickets (no copies) with the reimbursement form  to Christiane Bobillier.

Clothing : Good mountain walking boots, layers of cloths for warm, sunny as well as for rainy, cold weather


  • This course is open to all PhD students, however priority is given to PhD students of the 2 doctoral programs until 15 April 2014.
  • Maximum number of participants: 12

Registration through the CUSO doctoral program in Microbial sciences web site

Deadline: 30 June 2014. Later enrolment is possible as long as there are places available.

Cancellation rules : If you cancel your registration, you will have to pay:

From 15 May: CHF 50
From 30 June: CHF 150 (50%)
From 4 July: CHF 300 (100%)

Note: The same cancellation rules apply for PhD students of the doctoral programs who do not have to pay a registration fee.
Only written cancellation will be accepted.