Social interactions

20-22 April 2009

A joint workshop with the Inter-University Doctoral program Ecology and Evolution.

Announcement (PDF)


T1: Cognition & cooperation - Jeffrey Stevens Max Plank Institute for Human Development, Berlin, D
T2: Evolution of cooperation - Gilbert Roberts, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
T3: Personality - Samuel Gosling, University of Texas, USA
T4: Endocrinology of social behaviour - Andrew Young, University of Exeter, UK
T5: Social learning - Simon Reader, Utrecht University, NL
T6: Cognition and mindreading - Josep Call, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, D


  • bringing together renowned scientists working on different aspects of social interactions. They have been selected on the basis of their expertise and communicative skills.
  • broaden the knowledge of the participating students and help them with their research projects by providing feedback and advices.

program  (updated 16 April 2009)

Each of the invited speakers will give one plenary lecture (45 min) in the morning, followed by a discussion.
Workshops dedicated to the different topics will take place in the afternoon.
As an outcome of the workshops, participating students will be asked to prepare a presentation on their specific subject on the last day.

To prepare for these discussions, speakers will propose 2 publications on their workshop topic. Students will be asked to prepare at least 2 questions based on what they have read and what they heard during the presentations.

general information

Dates:  20 - 22 April 2009

Schedule (preliminary): 8.55 - 17.00

Location: Université de Neuchâtel, Faculté des sciences, UniMail, building C (Animalerie), room 001

Credit points: 1.5 credit point (Scientific)

Evaluation: Active participation including personal work as described

Information: Please contact the organisers

  • Erica van de Waal (erica.vandewaal (at) unine.ch)
  • Ana Pinto (ana.pinto (at) unine.ch)
  • Barbara Molnar (barbara.molnar (at) unine.ch)
  • Prof. Redouan Bshary (advisor)

Travel expenses:

  • Ph.D. students of the "Inter-University Doctoral program Ecology and Evolution" should contact Dr Elisa Piaia for more information.
  • Ph.D. students financed by the "Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Organismal Biology" or the NCCR "Plant Survival" are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train (half-fare card, and 2nd class). Please send the original tickets (no copies, except for the general abonnement) with the reimbursement form   to Dr. Christiane Bobillier.  No reimbursement for bus, taxi or car travel expenses will be paid.


This course is opened to all Ph.D. students. However, priority is given to "Inter-University Doctoral program Ecology and Evolution" and "Interuniversity Doctoral Program of Organismal Biology" participants. Postdocs are welcome depending on availability. This course is free.

Minimum number of participants: 10, maximum: 25. Course full.

Registration through the web only: closed

Deadline: 2 April 2009