PhD Science Fair_in coll. with Natural History Museum

19 May 2024

Natural History Museum Neuchâtel


In the context of the public event “La nuit et jour des musées” 2024 (18-19 May 2024, more info here) the Neuchâtel Natural History Museum and the DSLS are collaborating to organize a PhD Science fair: "Raconte ta Science".

At this occasion, you will be able to showcase your research project in an entertaining way to the public. An exhibition booth will be at your disposal to present an interactive activity related to your research.

You can use activities that already exist (e.g. if you created an activity/workshop for a previous outreach event, or create a new one with the assistance and guidance of the Museum staff.

Ideally, it would be great to showcase diverse research disciplines present at the Institute of Biology.


19 May 2023

10 am-13 pm

First information meeting 20.02.24 (12:30) at the Natural History Museum




If you are interested in participatingplease contact the Doctoral School Coordinator at the latest by March 22. 



Credits: 1.0

Category: Transferable skills (T)