Introduction to Bayesian statistics for Biologists

6 & 7 May 2024


University of Neuchâtel, UniMail Room  A317 


Dr Erik Jacob Ringen, UZH  


Places: 12



This workshop provides a conceptual and practical introduction to Bayesian statistics; a versatile and increasingly popular tool for data analysis in the biological sciences. Across two sessions, participants will explore (1) how Bayesian methods differ from classical statistics, (2) how Bayesian techniques can be applied to biological data and, (3) practical implementation of Bayesian models using the R package "bmrs".


By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a solid conceptual understanding of Bayesian statistics, and its relation to other types of data analysis
  • Understand the diverse applications of Bayesian methods in the Biological sciences, ranging from analysis of behavioral data to quantitative genetics and phylogenetic modeling
  • Develop the skills to understand and critique Bayesian methods in their field, as well as implement Bayesian models in their own research

This workshop is ideal for PhD students who are new to Bayesian staistics and seek to expand their analytical toolkit. No prior experience with Bayesian statistics is required, but students should have some experience in the R programming language and have taken one course in regression.





No prior experience with Bayesian statistics is required, but students should have some experience in the R programming language and have taken one course in regression.


Registration: Here

Deadline: 18.04.2024

Cancellation fee: 50 CH after the deadline.


Credits: 1.0

Category: Research tool (R)