Préparer son budget pour étudier

The Neuchâtel region is relatively unaffected by the problems of accommodation and accessibility experienced elsewhere. Nonetheless, it is worth drawing up a budget before beginning your studies in the city.

One of the most significant costs is the tuition fee, payable each semester. The estimated average monthly budget varies between CHF 1600.- and CHF 1900.-.

Detailed monthly expenses

Administrative fees 

in Swiss francs

Registration, tuition fees and materials
(varies according to university)

Btw. 200.- and 400.-

Regular outgoings


Sickness/accident (basic insurance)

Btw. 350.- and 380.-

Taxes and/or AHV/IV insurance

Btw. 40.- and 80.-

Travel expenses (travel cards, scooter or bike)

Btw. 10.- and 220.-

Total regular outgoings

Btw. 400 and 680.-

Personal expenses



Btw. 70.- and 100.-

Hairdresser/hygiene care

Btw. 30.-and 50.-

Pocket money/mobile phone

Btw. 150.- and 200.-

Total personal expenses

Btw. 250 and 350.-

Supplementary expenses


Medical expenses/doctor/dentist/optician


Total 1 (for students staying with family), excluding costs for meals

Btw. 910 and 1'540.-

Additional costs for off-campus accommodation


Rent, including bills (electricity, phone, insurance, obligatory radio and TV licence)

Btw. 370.- and 700.-

Meals (canteen)

Btw. 400.- and 500.-

Cleaning fees

Btw. 20.- and 40.-

Total for off-campus accommodation

Btw. 790 and 1'240.-

Total 2 (for students having to find accommodation)

Btw. 1'700 and 2'780.-



Foreign students requiring visas must provide the authorities with financial guarantees covering the period of their studies. For more information, please contact the Service des migrations.

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Social support and assistance