The UniNE’s four faculties

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

Looking out over the Alps – and with its toes dipped in the lake – the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is the largest of the UniNE’s faculties, hosting over 2000 students and some 100 members of the teaching staff. It excels in a variety of disciplines, from literature and the science of language to the historical and social sciences.



The Faculty of Science


Faculté des sciencesHigh above the city in the UniMail building, the Faculty of Science accommodates cutting-edge research laboratories in domains as varied as atomic clocks, plant survival and geothermics. It has almost 1000 students, as well as a significant number of doctoral students working within its research teams. Its involvement in many large-scale national and international projects contributes to the strength of its reputation overseas.

The Faculty of Law


Faculté de droitThe Faculty of Law is very active in the field of legal research, hosting various institutes and study centres of international repute. Neuchâtel provides a point of reference in many areas of the law, including Sport Law (with its International Centre for Sports Studies CIES), Health Law (with the research, conferences and tuition programmes of the Institute of Health Law IDS), and the publications and seminars organised by the Lease Law Seminar.

The Faculty of Economics and Business


Faculté des sciences économiquesThe Faculty of Economics and Business hosts around 700 students, supervised by one hundred members of staff providing teaching, research, documentation and administrative services. According to surveys of its students, the faculty’s greatest strength is the quality of its supervision and teaching.


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