The UniNE: Facts and figures

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Since it first opened its doors, the UniNE has sought to provide excellent tuition. Its modest size gives it the dynamism and adaptability it needs to meet this objective.

The UniNE’s history: key dates and numbers

The birth of the Academy of Neuchâtel, attributable to the eminent geologist and palaeontologist Louis Agassiz, as well as a strong political desire to give the region its own high-quality educational establishment.

With a decree of the Grand Conseil of Neuchâtel, the Academy of Neuchâtel was officially named the University of Neuchâtel on the 18th May. In 1910, it was expanded by the addition of a commercial sciences department, and all its faculties received the right to award doctorates

The Fédération des étudiants neuchâtelois (FEN) was constituted.

The number of students surpassed 500 for the first time.

The student body first numbered over 4000 members.

The UniNE appeared among the World’s Top Twenty Universities with fewer than 5000 students, according to the Times Higher Education rankings.

The UniNE by numbers

  • 4 faculties​​

  • 4508 students

  • 11 Bachelor programmes

  • 28 Master programmes

  • 619 doctoral students

  • Over 100 nationalities​

  • 50 different sports

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