Audrey Duhin

Research interests

My research is focusing on primitive land plants such as bryophytes (including liverworts, mosses and hornworts) and pteridopytes (including lycopods, horsetails and ferns), and how they avoid herbivory. I am studying 15 primitive plant species to determine the reasons why those plants are neglected by herbivores as food source, despite the fact that they are found all around the word in various habitats. To do so, I do bioassays with insects and gastropods but also chemical analyses. The nutritive aspect is studied as well as the physical and chemical defenses, including constitutive and induced defenses exhibit by plants.

Main topics

  • Chemical Ecology

  • Insect-Plant interactions

  • Herbivory

  • Primitive land plants

Teaching activities

  • TP Ecologie Chimique (Bac 2)

  • APP Ecologie Chimique (Bac 3)


2016 - Present: PhD in Organismal Biology/Ecology & Evolution, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

2014 - 2016: Master in Biological Sciences - Biology of Organisms and Ecology, University of Mons, Belgium

2011 - 2014: Bachelor in Biological Sciences, University of Mons, Belgium

Audrey Duhin

Assistante doctorante



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