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Curriculum vitae

2012 - Assist. Prof. SNFS, Institute of biology, University of Neuchâtel
2009 - 2012 Junior Lecturer, Evolutionary Ecology Lab, Institute of ecology & evolution, University of Berne
2004 - 2009 Post-doc position, Evolutionary Ecology Lab, Institute of ecology & evolution, University of Berne
2003 - 2004 Post-doc project: An experimental test of the young sperm hypothesis in the kittiwake, Middleton Island, Alaska, USA, in collaboration with Scott A. Hatch from the USGS
2003 - 2004 Post-doc project: Sperm morphology and velocity in the sand martin, in collaboration with Tibor Szèp, College of Nyíregyháza, Hungary, and Richard H. Wagner, Institute Konrad Lorenz, Austria. Funded by the Fyssen Foundation (France)
2002 - 2003 Post-doc project: Arrival date in kittiwakes: Heritabllity, reproductive success and survival. Funded by a travel grant “Optimality in Bird Migration” from the European Science Foundation
1998 - 2002 PhD at Laboratoire d'Ecologie CNRS/UPMC, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris. Under co-supervised by Etienne Danchin and Richard H. Wagner



Fabrice Helfenstein

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