Thomas Hofmann

Research interests

Ecological and molecular aspects of cucurbitacin sequestration by Diabrotica balteata

My master thesis focuses on the ecological and molecular aspects of cucurbitacin sequestration by Diabrotica balteata insects. Diabrotica balteata is a generalist insect pest that feeds on different cultivated plants species, including cucumber. A particularly interesting aspect of this species is its capacity to sequester cucurbitacins when feed on cucurbit plants. Although this phenomenon has been described since long ago, there are still several open questions specially regarding its ecological relevance and the molecular mechanisms that regulate sequestration. During my master thesis, I will investigate these open questions using behavioral, chemical, and molecular approaches. 

Thesis supervisors: 

Prof. Betty Benrey. https://www.unine.ch/evol/en/home.html

Dr. Carla Arce. https://www.unine.ch/farce/home/membres/carla-marques-arce.html

Dr. Ricardo Machado. https://www.unine.ch/biologie/en/home/laboratoires-et-groupes-de-reche/experimental-biology.html

Thomas Hofmann

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