The NPAC is currently managed by three scientists and overseen by a facility director . A steering committee has been appointed to follow the progress of the projects and discuss strategic decisions on the future development of the platform.

Steering committee:

          Prof. Stephan Von Reuss (director - Inst. Chemistry)

          Prof. Robert Deschenaux (Inst. Chemistry)

          Prof. Daniel Hunkeler (Inst. Hydrogeology)

          Prof. Redouan Bshary (Dean)

          Dr. Olha Sereda (CSEM)

          Prof. Ted Turlings (Inst. Biology)

          Dr. Armelle Vallat (NPAC)

          Dr. Gaétan Glauser (NPAC)

          Prof. Jean-Luc Wolfender (UniGE)


Neuchâtel Platform of Analytical Chemistry

University of Neuchâtel

Avenue de Bellevaux 51

2000 Neuchâtel