Learning agreement

The learning agreement is drawn up between a student, his professor at the home university and a professor at the host institution. It formalises agreement on the content of the exchange and ensures the transfer of credit for courses passed successfully by the student according to the criteria fixed by the home university.

The learning agreement consists of two pages
- The first page covers the courses which the student intends to follow. This page must be filled out and signed before departure (see below).
- The second page covers any possible changes to courses followed. This page must be filled out and signed after arrival at the host university (see below).

Establishing the learning agreement
Students who plan an exchange at UniNE should have their learning agreement signed by their home institution and sent it to the Study Exchange Office, ensuring it is received at least one month before clases commence, i.e.
by 30 July for the fall semester (30 August Faculty of Humanities)
by 30 November for the spring semester.

To draw up their study contract, the students shall refer to the page Course Program.

They must take min.15 ECTS /semester (20 ECTS/semester from ay. 2023-24 onwards) and max. 30 ECTS /semester.

They can take courses in the framework of BeNeFri at the University of Bern or/and at the University of Fribourg and also through the AZUR network at the University of Lausanne or/and at the University of Geneva. But most of their courses / ECTS (80%) must be taken at the University of Neuchâtel.

We do not accept in exchange students who wish to come to UniNE to write their master thesis only.

Amendments to the learning agreement
Within the terms of the learning agreement, it is possible to amend a learning agreement which was approved before departure.
Students wishing to amend their contract should make any necessary changes to it within 3 weeks of classes starting.

The students should
- indicate which changes have been made
- sign the contract
- have the contract signed by the member of teaching staff responsible for their course
- send the learning agreement and amendments (pages 1 and 2) to the Mobility Office

The Study Exchange Office will send a copy of the new contract to the home institution.