Spectroscopie de Ramsey dans cellules à vapeur de Rb

Key members

In this activity, we investigate experimentally several novel techniques and methods, in particular special light-atom interactions, that are of relevance for the precision and stability of vapour-cell atomic clocks based on alkali atoms. The objective is to improve the performances of the current double resonance and CPT based alkali vapour-cell atomic clocks and to develop the first Serbian CPT-based atomic frequency standard. We will devote to the study of the laser atoms interaction using low noise laser with non-standard laser beams (e.g. vortex beams) to control the properties of the coherent resonances (i.e. the line width and the contrast). In addition, basing on coherent population trapping (CPT) principle, we will research the Ramsey spectroscopy of separated excitation in time of alkali atoms in buffer gas cells and in cells with anti-relaxation coating using the laser pulses with typical Gaussian spatial profile.

This project is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, SCOPES grant IZ73Z0_152511, “Ramsey spectroscopy in Rb vapour cells and application to atomic clocks”. It is a joint research project between the Laboratoire Temps - Fréquence (LTF) at Neuchâtel University and the Photonics Center of the Institute of Physics at University of Belgrade.