Céline Geiser

Phd Student

Research interests

  • Mechanisms underlying speciation and the role of natural selection
  • Ecological genomics of non-model species in a natural framework

My PhD project focuses on the mechanisms underlying reproductive isolation toward a possible speciation event in a natural hybrid zone of the autotetraploid Biscutella laevigata. I use the following approaches: Naturally occurring and experimental hybrids will be reciprocally transplanted and genotyped with SNP based on RNAseq data of the different ecotypes.



Institute of Botany
Rue Emile-Argand 11
2000 Neuchâtel Switzerland
Tel : ++41 32 718 2381
Fax : ++41 32 718 30 01
E-mail: celine.geiser@unine.ch


May 2011-Present: Phd student in Evolutionary Botany