Incoming students

Registration for the Master in Statistics is not possible for the academic year 2024-2025
Information : immatriculation@unine.ch



You will find a lot of important information on the web pages of the Faculty of sciences (FS),specially pages under tab "students" (way of registration for course and exam with Academia, Moodle, Pidho (courses schedule), Calendars, Faculty regulations, etc):

The footer of every UniNE page shows you all the most important links

NB: Academia and Moodle are separated, you have to register in both.

Moodle is a plateform between students and professors. After registration at a course, you'll have access to informations and documents given by the .professor. You'll also find the link to access at the online course.

Academia is for administrative (mandatory) registration for courses and then for exams.

In Academia, you have two modules :

1. For Registration of Courses :
You must register to courses to be allowed to register for exams

2. For Registration of Exams/Evaluations.
- CA (Continuous assessment) : Once registerd at the course, you are automatically registered for the evaluation of CA which is mandatory at the end of semester
​- To retake the evaluation, you have to register at the exam session desired and contact the professor to find a date with him.

- Written 2h (during any session of exams) : You have to register in Academia, but you can choose at which exams session you want to register.