June 2020 exam session


  • 8 May: publication of exams schedule
  • 3 - 16 June: exam period
  • 26 June: publication of results

Exam tables and modalities

In accordance with article 2 al. 1 and 2 of the Rectorate's directive of April 9, 2020 relating to the June 2020 exam session, the following tables define the assessment modalities for this session, derogating if necessary from the ordinary provisions of the study and exams regulations and the study plans:

Version of May 4, 2020

Changes in the table of first attempt exams: 

  • Compétences numériques pour le journalisme II
  • Recherche en Marketing

Changes in the table of retake exams:

  • Mathématiques appliquées 2
  • Technologies de l'information

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General measures

After consulting with the deans of the different faculties, the rectorate has decided to put in place five measures to give students the possibility to validate their credits in the event that an exam or another form of evaluation (contrôle continu) is no longer an option considering the current situation (measures 1 and 2), while also offering the possibility to extend the exam session when necessary (measure 3). Special considerations will be applied in the case of failure or withdrawal, so as not to jeopardize students’ education (measure 4). Special arrangements will also apply to potential requests of leave of absence (measure 5).

1. Courses and exams still take place

All exams of the June 2020 exam session will take place as planned. As indicated previously, all courses are guaranteed and are taught online, either by recorded lectures or live video conferences, and the recordings, as well as all usual material available, are made available on Moodle by the teachers.

2. Adapting the terms and conditions

In many cases, evaluation procedures will need to change to adjust to the new situation (e.g., replacing oral presentations with written reports or replace mid-term exams with final exams during the exam session). The new terms and conditions must be announced without delay to the deans of the respective faculty. Once validated, they will be communicated to students by April 30.

3. Modification of dates

Depending on the development of the current situation, the start and/or end of the June 2020 exam session may be modified.

4. Special considerations of failures and withdrawals

In order to consider special circumstances, the following exceptions from the study and examination regulations are authorized by the rectorate and applied by the faculties:

  • The ​results obtained at the June 2020 exam session are only taken into account if they lead to the acquisition of the corresponding credits.
  • All failure or withdrawal from a June 2020 exam is considered a justified absence, that is, it is not considered as an attempt at the exam.
  • The maximum duration of studies may be extended by one or two semesters depending on the case.

These exceptional measures only apply to the June 2020 session.

5. Requests of leave of absence

Any request of leave of absence (military and/or civil service, community service, exceptional circumstances, illness, etc.) will be taken into consideration even beyond the usual time limits.

Directive and notice


Emergency during the session

See all the the details in the information of 14.05.2020


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