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The faculty of science of the University of Neuchâtel is proud to host a cycle of conferences related to current environmental and social topics of concern.

A series of speakers form the different faculties will present different topics relating to their research in a broad and accessible manner in order to engage students of all levels from all faculties and even interested public in fruitful discussions.


  • 4 October : Environmental and human contamination by pesticides – will Switzerland lead the way out?
    Prof. Edward Mitchell
    (presentation in french)
  • 11 October : Should we be afraid of activism ?
    Prof. Alexandre Aebi
    (presentation in french)
  • 18 October : Climate change and the Alpine biodiversity
    Prof. Sergio Rasmann
    (presentation in french)
  • 25 October : Sustainable energy production ?
    Prof. Bruno Therrien
    (presentation in french)
  • 1 November : It is all about optimizing land use: sparing better than sharing ? 
    Prof. Ted Turlings
    (presentation in english)
  • 8 November : Using microbes for green recycling
    Dr. Saskia Bindschedler
    (presentation in french)
  • 15 November : Green IT: The Quest toward Sustainable Computing Systems
    Prof. Pascal Felber / Dr. Marcelo Pasin
    (presentation in french)
  • 22 November : "It's the economy, stupid" : anthropological perspectives on the concept of growth
    Prof. Ellen Hertz
    (presentation in french)
  • 29 November : Va-t-on manquer d'eau en 2050 ?
    Prof. Philippe Renard
    (presentation in french)
  • 6 December : Climate change and malaria
    Prof. Jacob Koella
    (presentation in french)
  • 13 December​ : The rise of conspiracy theories
    Prof. Adrian Bangerter
    (presentation in french)
  • 20 December​ : Producing food in a warming climate
    Prof. Daniel Croll
    (presentation in french)