Past courses

Doctoral courses:

Introduction to chromatography and mass spectrometry for biologists (G. Glauser, A. Vallat; 2012, 2014)

Introduction to plant metabolomics (S. Rudaz, J.L. Wolfender, J. Boccard, G. Glauser; 2012, 2014, 2017)

Introduction to LC-MS (G. Glauser, 2017)

Metabolite profiling of plant secondary compounds (G. Glauser, S. Sutour, C. Di Césaré, 2018)

Plant Metabolomics: from plant tissue to molecules (G. Glauser, E. Defossez, 2021)



Analysis of chloroplast lipids (G. Glauser; The chloroplast, a model system, 2013)

Lipid profiling of plant whole leaves by LC-MS (G. Glauser; Chloroplast lipids: from synthesis to function, 2016)