The internship (18 ECTS) is an essential component of the program, which includes handing in a report. As a general rule, an internship with a report can be validated earliest during the third semester of the MGM program.

Note: You can submit the internship application forms and start an internship as soon as you have acquired at least 30 ECTS.

  • Here are some internship offers in the field of Management and on the same page, lists of companies who have offered internships in the past.

Step-by-Step Process


1. Find a suitable internship position with a company

You must find a company and a faculty supervisor (see Internship Guidelines for additional information on the internship).

Your internship should comply with the following:

  • The duration of the internship is at least the equivalent of 3 full-time months. 
  • The internship needs to be sufficiently complex, require a university degree, and be related to one or several topics covered during the program. 
  • It must take place in a firm or organization (SME, large company, ONG, international organization, or public entity). 
  • There must be both an internship supervisor from the company and a supervising professor from the faculty. 


2. Submit your request

Send the following information, by email, to the program coordinator:

  • A description of the internship (name of company, dates, tasks and duties)

The coordinator will then review your application. You must wait for approval. When approved, you must submit the following:

Key Dates: You should submit your request by the end of August for the autumn semester and January for the spring semester

A faculty supervisor will be assigned to you depending on the topic and availability. You are responsible for contacting your supervisor as soon as you start the internship to define the content and format of the report. 


3. Register in IS-Academia

At the beginning of the semester (autumn or spring) during which you will submit your report, register in IS-Academia for the course “Internship with report (5GM2001)".

Key Dates:

  • for the January session: from mid-September to early October 
  • for the June session: from mid-Febrary to early March



4.  Send the first draft of your report

Write your report according to the guidelines indicated by your academic supervisor. Send the first draft of your report by email and in PDF format to your supervisor.

Please note that you must discuss and agree with your supervisor the guidelines.


5. Send the final report

Send the final report by email and in PDF to your supervisor and the program coordinator 


6.  Hand in the following documents

Submit the following documents to the program coordinator:

UNINE_FSE_Help.png Info sheet for step 5&6 - How to submit your documents !



1. What are the deadlines to handle the internship report

At the latest 2 weeks before the beginning of the exam session for which it is registered

  • for a validation at the January session -> 31 December
  • for a validation at the June session -> 20 May
  • for a validation at the September -> 31 July


2. How and when is the time to register

  • the internship report should be registered "as a course" in IS-Academia, during the inscription period
    • for the January session: end of September to early October 
    • for the June session: end of February to early March
  • for the September "retake" session
    • the internship report should be registered "as an exam". Write an email to the  asking for the registration of the report during the inscription period (end of June to early July)