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Research interests

My project aims to understand how evolutionary conserved cell wall remodelling(i.e. cell wall remodelling perception mechanisms) participates in root developmental processes to contribute to organogenesis. The aim of the MSCA-GF 2023-2026 project is to identify conserved genetic programs between Brachypodium distachyon, a non-domesticated grass (monocotyledon) model, and Lupinus albus (White lupin), a cultivated legume (dicotyledon) crop. The approaches include innovative and integrated screening methods (Single-nuclei transcriptomic, cell-type-specific phosphoproteomic, HCR™ multiplexed, quantitative high-resolution RNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (RNA-FISH) with automatic background suppression) to discover new genetic regulators of root organogenesis.

OrcID: 0000-0003-0478-2567
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Approved research projects

1st Sept. 2023 – 31st Aug. 2026: Project n° 101106663 HORIZON TMA MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships - Global Fellowships; CNRS/UNINE: 308’ 000 Euros
2022 March – 2022 Dec.- Neuchâtel University (UNINE) and Neuchâtel Botanical garden Grant: 3’403 CHF. Distachyon seeds collection maintenance.


Short CV

2025 Sept. – 2026 Sept. – CNRS Researcher, Institute for Plant Sciences of Montpellier (IPSiM), France. “Conserved develoPmentaL trajectories channelling laTeral root prImorDium morphogenesis”, Collaborators: Dr. Benjamin Péret.

2023 Sept. – 2025 Sept. – UNINE/CNRS Researcher, Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory, Neuchâtel University (UNINE), Neuchâtel, Suisse. “Conserved develoPmentaL trajectories channelling lateral root primordium morphogenesis”, Collaborators: Prof. Dr. Joop Vermeer.

2021 Nov. – 2023 Aug. – Research scientist (Post-Doc), Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory, Neuchâtel University (UNINE), Neuchâtel, Suisse. “Conserved Spatial Accommodation Mechanisms Involved in Lateral Root Primordium Morphogenesis”, Advisor: Prof. Dr. Joop Vermeer.

2018 Dec. - 2021 May – Research scientist (Post-Doc), DIversity-Adaptation-plant Development Laboratory (DIADE), IRD/Montpellier University, Montpellier, France. “Properties of the gene regulatory network for the formation of new lateral roots in plants”, Advisors: Dr Soazig Guyomarc’h and Dr Laurent Laplaze.

2015 Oct. - 2018 Oct. – Research scientist (PhD student), Plant Science Research Laboratory (LRSV), CNRS/Paul Sabatier-Toulouse III University, Auzeville-tolosan, France. “Functional study of a lectin receptor kinase, LecRK-I.9: a control for cell wall dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana”, Advisor: Dr. Hervé CANUT.


Publications (Google scholar > link)


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Plant lectins and lectin receptor-like kinases: how do they sense the outside?
K Bellande, JJ Bono, B Savelli, E Jamet, H Canut
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18 (6), 1164 134


Kevin Bellande


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