Patrick Hilpisch

Patrick_Hilpisch.jpg (Unine Diplomes Sciences)

Scientific collaborator

Office A215

Phone: +41 32 718 22 51



Research interests


During my studies in Natural Systems (bachelor in Neuchâtel) and Biogeosciences (master in Neuchâtel and Lausanne), I developed a specific interest in the interactions between biology and geology. In particular, microorganisms interact with the minerals of the geosphere, strongly influencing the biogeochemical cycles. These properties can have suitable applications for human activities: for example, biomining and urban biomining exploit biological properties for the recovery of valuable resources from primary ores and anthropic wastes. During my master thesis, I studied properties such as bioleaching (metal solubilization from a solid matrix) and bioprecipitation, with the aim of recovering lithium from spent lithium-ion batteries using fungi and bacteria. I’m now involved in a project that has the purpose of developing a method for the bio-recovery of Vanadium from primary ores and from spent Vanadium batteries, in collaboration with the swiss research fund Innosuisse and Belenos – a company that is developing new-generation batteries based on this metal.




  • September 2018 – present: Master of Biogeosciences (Universities of Neuchâtel and Lausanne)


  • September 2015 – June 2018: Bachelor of Natural Systems (University of Neuchâtel)