Céline Terrettaz

Scientific collaborator

Office A214

Phone: +41 32 718 22 51



Research interest


I am mainly interested in understanding how bacteria interact with their immediate environment. Bacteria occupy a large diversity of ecological niches and are constantly subjected to changes in temperature, pH, nutrient content, light etc. The bacterial environment is also largely composed of other living organisms with which bacteria interact closely. To cope with unstable growing conditions and establish complex biotic interactions, they dispose of a wide array of adapting responses through the expression of dedicated genes and activation of signaling pathways.

As a molecular microbiologist, I try to identify the genes and mechanisms that are involved in such responses, through the generation of mutant organisms and establishment of appropriate in vitro or in vivo assays.


Research experience


  • Scientific collaborator

Laboratory of Microbiology – University of Neuchâtel

                  Support for research projects conducted by Dr. Diego Gonzalez

                  please see Rhythmic responses and competitive interactions in bacteria


  • Laboratory technician

Institute of Plant Biology – Biotic Interactions – University of Bern

Support for various projects involving interactions between bacteria, plants, herbivores and nematodes

Supervision: Dr. Ricardo Machado and Dr. Klaus Schlaeppi (2018-2019)


Preparation of sequencing libraries to evaluate in the context of the OneHealth interdisciplinary project supported by the University of Bern

Supervision: Dr. Klaus Schlaeppi (2019)



  • PhD thesis

Department of Fundamental Microbiology

Research on insecticidal virulence factors in plant-associated bacteria

Supervision: Dr. Christoph Keel (2014-present)


Research on the DNA mismatch repair in Caulobacter crescentus

Supervision: Dr. Justine Collier (2013)


  • Internship


Research on the use of microalgae as methane producers

Supervision: Dr. Mariluz Bagnoud and Prof. Christian Ludwig (3 months, 2012)


  • Master projects

Department of Molecular Plant Biology

Research on the subcellular localization of two cutin transporters

in Arabidopsis thaliana

Supervised by Dr. Christiane Nawrath (1 year, 2011-2012)


Department of Fundamental Microbiology, University of Lausanne

Research on the DNA mismatch repair system in Caulobacter crescentus

Supervised by Dr. Justine Collier (4 months, 2010)



  • PhD in Life Sciences, University of Lausanne                                              2013-present


  • Master in Sciences in Molecular Life Sciences, University of Lausanne      2012


  • Bachelor in Sciences in Biology, University of Lausanne                             2010