Archives - economics seminars

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Institution Presentation
01.06 Samad Sarferaz  ETH/KOF

Macro and micro level impulse responses: A survey experimental identification procedure

25.05 Valerie Karplus  MIT

Management and energy efficiency in a Chinese manufacturing cluster

18.05 Andreas Mueller  University of Essex

A theory of structural change that can fit the data

04.05 Octavian Strimbu ​ University of Geneva​

Partial verifiability induced contests

20.04 Christoph Moser  University of Salzburg

Hidden protectionism? Evidence from non-tariff barriers to trade in the United States

23.03 Rebecca Stuart  Central Bank of Ireland​

The term structure, leading indicators and recessions: Evidence from Switzerland, 1974-2017

16.03 Sebastian Vollmer  University of Goettingen

Impact of delivering iron-fortified salt through a school feeding program on child health, education and cognition: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in rural India

09.03 Sabrina Teyssier  INRA Grenoble​

Consumer preferences for meals with plant-based proteins and the impact of information

02.03 Enrico Petracca  University of Bologna

From bounded to embodied rationality

23.03 Serhiy Kandul  University of Neuchâtel​

I deserve more! An experimental analysis of illusory ownership in dictator games



Fall 2017

Date Speaker Institution Presentation
15.12 Ingmar Schumacher  IPAG Paris

Results on aggregation issues in climate economics

01.12 François Maréchal  University of Franche-Comté​

The Impact of a Right of First Refusal Clause in a First-Price Auction with Unknown Heterogeneous Risk-Aversion


Antoine Bommier ​ ETH Zurich

Household Finance and the Value of Life

17.11 Michel Beine ​ University of Luxembourg

The role of fees in foreign education: Evidence from Italy

10.11 Isabel Martinez  LISER

Intertemporal Labor Supply Substitution? Evidence from the Swiss Income Tax Holidays

03.11 Michael Siegenthaler ​ KOF / ETH Zurich​

From Labor to Cash Flow? The Abolition of Immigration Restrictions and the Performance of Swiss Firms

20.10 Nuno Palma  University of Manchester

Spending a Windfall: American Precious Metals and Euro-Asian Trade 1531-1810

13.10 Giuseppe Sorrenti  University of Zurich

Money vs. Time: Family Income, Labor Supply and Child Achievement

06.10 Selin Yilmaz  University of Geneva

Appliance factors that influence household electricity demand and demand response

09.09 Hongliang Zhang  University of Neuchâtel

Weather, climate and production risk

22.09 Daniel Kaufmann ​ University of Neuchâtel

Manufacturing prices and employment after the Swiss franc shock