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    All teachers have professional experience of teaching french.

  • Practical French course 1 and 2

    Practical :

    • 1-12 July 2023
    • 15-26 July 2023

    Course description :

    Intensive practical French 1 and 2 courses last two weeks, with 4 periods in the morning, Monday to Friday (40 periods spread over two weeks). The classes are organised according to the levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), from A1 to C1.

    It is possible to enrol for only one of the two courses, or for both if you wish to follow a 4-week course.

    The teaching takes place in the morning, from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm, face-to-face. At the end of the course, depending on their starting level, students will have acquired practical skills in French in the field of writing, thanks to lessons covering both the technical mastery of the written code (grammar, vocabulary, spelling) and the ability to write. The student will also have acquired skills in the oral domain (comprehension and expression) targeting the real practice of the language in immersion. The teaching content is based on levels defined by linguistic criteria > descriptor-levels A1-C1.

    Depending on the level of the group and the teachers' areas of expertise, the practical French course can integrate specific dimensions such as an approach to the language through song, a reflection on the forms of culture in Switzerland, and the structures of communication with a view to winning over the audience.

  • Summer tandem

    The tandem helps you to get the most out of your stay in Neuchâtel, by meeting its inhabitants and sharing your language skills. Flexible, free and highly rewarding, the tandem lets you improve your oral comprehension and expression in particular, and your language skills more widely. Along with your partner, you can set the pace (two or three times per week), place and content of your meetings. The most sought-after languages are English and German; nonetheless, the summer course welcomes participants of many nationalities, and tandems with other languages (Italian, Spanish, Farsi) may be organised, according to supply and demand. Visit the Language Centre website to read some testimonials and learn more about the principle behind tandems.

  • ECTS assessment and accreditation

    Continuous assessment helps students with their learning. In the last week, a final test evaluates the results attained at the end of the stay. Success in this evaluation will be rewarded by 3 ECTS credits (1 credit = 30 hours of work), equivalent to 90 hours of work over a two-week period. Participation over a four-week period will be rewarded by 6 ECTS credits. Each specialisation (8 hours of class + supplementary study) is worth 1 ECTS credit.

    A final certificate, mentioning the level followed and the credits acquired, is awarded at the end of the course.