Natacha Senerchia

PhD Student

I am interested in the evolution of interactions in plants. For my PhD research, under the supervision of Dr C. Parisod and Dr F. Felber, I focus on interactions between genomes after hybridization.

My project, entitled "pivotal-differential genome evolution in the wheat group", is concerned with the impact of genome stability on hybridization and gene flow in a polyploid complex. Allotetraploid Aegilops species (Ae.crassa (DDMM), Ae.cylindrica (CCDD), Ae.geniculata (MMUU) and Ae.triuncialis (CCUU)) have merged common (pivotal) vs. differential genomes, and apparently hybridize differentially in the wild. How pivotal vs.differential genomes influence on hybrid viability and stability is the main question of my PhD project.


Senerchia N, Wicher T, Felber F, Parisod C. 2013. Evolutionary dynamics of retrotransposons assessed by high-throughput sequencing in wild relatives of wheat. Genome Biology and Evolution 5: 1010-1020.

Parisod & Senerchia. 2013. Responses of transposable elements to polyploidy. In: Plant Transposable Elements (Eds. Grandbastien & Casacuberta), Topics in Current Genetics, Springer 24:147-168.



Institute of Botany
Rue Emile-Argand 11
CH-2000 Neuchâtel
Tel : ++41 32 718 23 74
Fax : ++41 32 718 30 01
E-mail: Natacha.Senerchia@unine.ch


August 2010-Present: PhD student in Evolutionary Botany

MSc. in biology, University of Neuchâtel, 2010.

BSc. in Biology, University of Lausanne, 2008 (major in Ecology and Evolution).