Alexandre Tayalé

PhD student

Group Parisod


Speciation is a dynamic process implying the establishment of multiple reproductive barriers. My PhD research is focused on the link between genome evolution and intrinsic postzygotic isolation in the young Biscutella laevigata autopolyploid complex (Buckler Mustard, Brassicaceae). The main aim of this project is to evaluate to what extent genome restructuring is driving reproductive isolation and the particular role of TEs in genome reorganization during taxa divergence and autopolyploidy.

To this aim, 454 genome snapshot, bioinformatics and molecular fingerprinting approaches are being used on experimental and naturally occurring hybrids i) to characterize TE genome fractions in natural populations, ii) to estimate the impact of TEs on immediate versus long term genome dynamics after autopolyploidization, and iii) to evaluate the consequences of genome restructuring on segregation.



Institute of Botany
Rue Emile-Argand 11
2000 Neuchâtel Switzerland

Tel : ++41 32 718 2336
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E-mail: alexandre.tayale@unine.ch