Gisler, Batoul

PhD Student



My research will focus on developing numerical tools with which we can have a better understanding of the thermal, mechanical and especially chemical processes that take place in geothermal reservoirs. In order to achieve that, I will further investigate the coupled processes from heat transfer, fluid flow, solid mechanics and silica precipitation and dissolution. Additional interests include numerical methods for induced reservoir seismicity and aftershocks.



  • MSc. Petroleum and Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma (USA)
  • BSc. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Saint Joseph University (Lebanon)


Positions held: 

  • Graduate student researcher (Oklahoma, USA)
  • Civil Engineer and urban planner (Lebanon)


Link to publications:

GoogleScholar:  https://scholar.google.ch/citations?user=og_4JJAAAAAJ&hl=en





Office: E204

Phone : +41 (0) 32 718 26 61




Centre for Hydrogeology and Geothermics (CHYN)
Emile-Argand 11
CH-2000 Neuchâtel