Master in Hydrogeology and Geothermics

Exploring, using and protecting groundwater and geothermal resources

The CHYN offers a Masters in Hydrogeology and Geothermics program that is unique in Europe. The goal of the program is to educate specialists that are capable of addressing major challenges when exploring and using groundwater and geothermal resources. The topics of hydrogeology and geothermics are an ideal combination as water is usually the key agent of heat transport in the subsurface. The program reflects the multidisciplinary nature of projects in hydrogeology and geothermics that often require an integration of knowledge from different field such as geology, hydrodynamics, hydrochemistry and microbiology. 

In addition to lecturers providing a sound theoretical foundation, the program makes extensively use of hands-on exercises, first at field camps, secondly at the Master thesis, where laboratory, field and computational methods are implemented. The program not only covers the scientific basis of the disciplines but also demonstrates how the acquired knowledge can be applied to solve pressing questions in the field of hydrogeology and geothermics. Thanks to the broad range of topics, students benefit from a diverse teaching program that is enriched by numerous case studies from ongoing research projects, and can choose among a wide range of topics for Master theses. The fieldworks of the Master theses chosen by the students are also various and internationally located.

Students completing the Masters program will have acquired:

  • A fundamental understanding of key physical and chemical processes in the subsurface and of concepts to quantify them.
  • Practical experience in collecting and interpreting field data.
  • A working knowledge of the main laboratory and field methods in hydrogeology and geothermics.
  • Communication and writing skills appropriate for a professional and research environment.
  • An understanding of the scientific research methodology.

Professional perspectives

There is an increasing demand for specialists in the field of hydrogeology and geothermics in Switzerland and abroad. Graduated students frequently work for consulting companies, large water works, companies focusing on environmental contamination and remediation, or public administrations. There is also a demand for hydrogeologist in development and humanitarian aid programs. Furthermore, the program also provides a solid basis for an academic carrier and some of the students continue with a PhD thesis at the CHYN or other institutions.

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