Field research equipment

The CHYN disposes of all the major equipment required for field research in the field of hydrogeology and geothermics. These include geophysical instruments, pumps, instruments for online tracer measurement, extensive data logging systems for various physical and chemical parameters, and meteorological stations.

In collaboration with the EAWAG, the CHYN also uses extensively direct push methods to measure subsurface properties and install dense piezometer network. Recently, the CHYN has developed a new multilevel sampler specifically adapted to coarse alluvial deposits and formations with strong contrasts of hydraulic conductivity.




Geophysical equipment

Method Device Output parameters Use
VLF (Very Low Frequency) Duperrex Orientation of faults near the surface Identification of faults
MT (magneto - telluric) Metronix ADU-07, MFS-06 Conductivity/ resistivity of deep structures Exploration of large conductrive structures and/or water reservoir
Gravimeter Scintrex Variation of the vertical acceleration of gravity Exploration of geol. deep and/or shallow geol. structures for geothermics and studies of the subsoil
Magnetometry Total magnetic field and gradient of mag. field
Photogrammetry Nikon / Sirovision 3D modeling of rocks and faults
Electrical resistivity Conductivity/ resistivity of surfaces
Spontanous polarization Variation of the electric potential of soil Study of shallow groundwater, and the direction of water flow
geomatics Total Station Leica TS-11 / GPS Leica CS-10 3D position of sampling point / leveling surfaces
Loggings ALT et Mount Sopris (treuil de 480m) Imagerie de puits (optique et acoustique), débits, gamma ray total, température et conductivité électrique du fluide Etude géologique et hydrogéologique en forage

Field research sites

The CHYN maintains several highly equipped field sites for research and teaching. The main field sites are:

- the Allaine valley, Canton of Jura: " une journée de terrain aux côtés de futures hydrogéologues "

- the Upper Emmental, Canton of Berne. At the Emmental site meteorogical conditions, soil moisture, surface water discharge rates and groundwater levels are continuously monitored to better understand soil-groundwater and surface water-groundwater interactions in a peri-Alpine region.

multi-level sampler


field fluorometer for tracer tests