Cognitive Science

The Cognitive Science Centre aims to explain cognitive and behavioral processes such as perception, learning, memory, reasoning, communication and belief acquisition by combining linguistic, psychological, ethological and ethnographical approaches.

Projects span developmental, social, and comparative psychology, along with linguistics, cognitive anthropology and behavioural ecology.

Research focuses on humans but our naturalistic framework explicitly includes other vertebrates from fish to primates with the aim to identify the evolutionary origins of and selective pressures on human cognition.

UniNEws 43: The Social Life of Monkeys

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Cognitive Science Seminar


B1N1 (Esp. Tilo-Frey 1) - 16h

Thibaud Gruber - UniGE
Affective social learning and the emotional side of cultural learning in primates



B1N1 (Esp. Tilo-Frey 1) - 16h

Constant Bonard - UniGE
Unintentionally sending a message: the Extended Gricean Model



B1N1 (Esp. Tilo-Frey 1) - 16h

Camilo Rodriguez Ronderos - U. of Humboldt
Intentionality, speaker commitment and the processing of verbal irony




07.03.2019 - Article

Human Impact erodes chimpanzee behavioral diversity

"Chimpanzees possess a large number of behavioral and cultural traits among non-human species. The ‘disturbance hypothesis’ predicts that human impact depletes resources and disrupts social learning processes necessary for behavioral and cultural transmission.(...)"

Science  07 March 2019
DOI: 10.1126/science.aau4532

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​16.03.2016 - Interview

Emission CQFD RTS la 1ère


Ces grands singes qui nous ressemblent 
Interview de Klaus Zuberbühler et Emilie Genty